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Party Countdown

Okay, Ruger’s taken up his position guarding his kid this morning, which means the rest of this crew is gonna get busy up in here.

I wish I could say they were enthusiastic about the need to “party clean” the house of perpetual remodeling. But these grandgirls of mine are not accustomed to doing anything more than reluctantly picking up half of whatever crap they just took out.

In the three year olds words “I has just tree words for you Nana: I is not cleanin’ nuffin.” I told her that was five words, not three. The debate that ensued was entirely too complicated to repeat. The eight year old attempted to bargain chores for extra privileges. The seven year old suddenly has “a sick headache, and my stomach really hurts.” Poor things, these girls just don’t realize they’re in the company of a pro.

I’ve never cared much about housework. When I was raising my five kids everyone had to kick in, and we kept the mess to “somewhat sanitary but cluttered” most of the time. Aside from daily dishwashing, we were too busy with work, school, cheerleading, band, sports and running amuck in many other ways to fit serious housework into the schedule. Luckily we were organized, they always knew their bookbags would be in the pile next to the door, and their shoes were in that heap by the laundry room.

Certain events spurred a major cleaning: before a holiday, a party or the all out, frenzied “mop until you see your face in that floor” event- a visit from my sister-mom. My kids knew if Ace of Base, or the Moody Blues were blaring from the stereo, war had been declared on the dirt. Failing to jump into the fray and help was grounds for swift and painful retribution. They also knew that we’d be done by the time all five records (yes, it was 80’s, we had records) had dropped down the spindle.

We had a system: Tiffany (grandgirls mom) would carry a basket through the house gathering up the orphans and returning them to their places. Michelle took care of anything wet (bathrooms, kitchen), Sheena took charge of the vacuum and broom, Princess cleaned out the closets and shelves, I washed walls, took care of the laundry and dusted. Pap and the boy whipped the yard and garage into shape. Four hours to house beautiful.

These little grandgirls don’t have a chance.

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