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Maudlin Monday

Weirdest weekend, I feel like I’m straddling 1976 and 2006, half my mind in each decade.  I interviewed the cast and Director of Cinderella yesterday, they’re singing “The Prince is Having a Ball!” and I’m hearing “With Your Love”.  Remember that old song by Jefferson Starship?  I liked them as Jefferson Airplane too, sell outs.  Normally when I’m troubled or fussing about anything, I write it out.  But the story won’t get on the paper (or the screen).  It is incomprehensible to me that a thirty year old romance could still be impacting my life today.  Its difficult to write what you don’t understand.  I’d have better luck with rocket science. 

Anyway, I attended their dress rehearsal, took a bunch of pictures, finished up my notes and strolled out the door with the intention of dropping in on the grandgirls until my rehearsal later that night.  Then I remembered I’d forgotten my music.  So I had to drive the forty miles back home to get it and then back to the theater.  I hate when I do that.  I need to pin notes to my shirt now days “don’t forget the camera”, “are you wearing shoes?”, “Wait!  Have you brushed your hair today?”  Next week they cast the skits.  I’m sure I’ll be assigned something smashing like:  char woman in the window.  In the mean time, I’ve found a way to contribute to the chorus without lip synching.  I just start out with the altos for a bar or two, then shift over to tenor for a measure and wrap everything up in bass!  It’s working for me. 

Election day tomorrow, I hope everyone has plans to vote.  Tuesday is also grant us peace day. 


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