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Can I Help You With That Mrs. C?

Life, as I once knew it, officially ended today.


We live on a street that has always been generationally balanced.  One third young couples with tiny kids, one middle aged couples, one third senior citizens.  Just last summer, the old lady two houses down passed on and a young couple with a baby moved into her house. 

Today is Pap’s day off, so I took it off too so we could get the yard put away for the winter. He trotted around with his stupid, labor saving leaf blower whisking leaves into piles taller than me. I slaved over these mountains attempting to stuff the rapidly multiplying things into bags before the dog pushed them back out, bit a hole in the bag or dragged my rake off.  I was minding my own business when this pimply faced kid stomped his way into my backyard and STARTED HELPING ME.  The audacity of this younger generation.  He wasn’t happy just bagging two to my one, oh no, he had to talk while he was hopping around like super gardener.  Well, if you can call that senseless mumbling talking, library whisperers achieve more volume than this pain in the butt.  He did manage to sling his insults loud and clear.  “Let me get that for you Mrs. C.  No, don’t lift that, I’ll get it Mrs. C.”  Punkin’ headed young upstart.  My freaking mother- in- law is Mrs. C! 

It didn’t end there, he actually tried to help me up the stairs and then… he ran off down the street waving like some demented maniac.  Punk.  Show off.  You’ll have to excuse me now; I need the Ben-Gay, a hot bath and my rocking chair.  I have apparently been reduced to the neighborhood senior citizen.     


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