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Buyers Remorse

I believe its part of my destiny to never rise economically past my present level becausemoney.jpg of a genetic flaw.  I am shamefully afflicted with buyer’s remorse.  Even when it isn’t justified.  Even if what I’m buying is for someone else, the rush of the purchase ends with a sleepless night worrying about spending the money.  This condition is inconvenient at best, and sometimes just doggone frustrating… like yesterday.


But wait, you’ll need a little background… Pap likes to buy those scratch off tickets that come out only during this time of year (Pap has no problems with buyer’s remorse…obviously).  On Sunday night he comes home with a string of them and hands one to Princess.  The two of them are scratching away while I’m lecturing about the evils of gambling, wasting money, buying things that were not pre-approved by the big boss (that would be me).  Neither of them are paying the least bit of attention to me, as usual, which is why Princess felt free to say “What does it mean when every line has a star?” right in the middle of my best rant on the irresponsibility of frivolous spending.


Turns out she scratched off a ticket worth $5,000.  Technically, she was only the scratcher and the ticket belongs to Pap.  Realistically, all money coming into the house belongs to me.  Its right in our marriage vows:  What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.  Anyway… because she scratched it, we decided to let Princess go and cash it, ably assisted by me.


Yesterday we took the ticket and the three sets of notarized forms we needed to the bank to cash the ticket and then go Christmas shopping.  The teller asks how we’d like the money; Princess and I look quizzically at each other like dopes until I said “Oh, 5’s and 1’s, maybe a couple rolls of quarters.”  And Princess added “We know how to spend those denominations.”  She and I should never be allowed out in public unsupervised. We traipsed the mall, the big boxes, and the craft stores.  We came home with:  nothing. 

It’s “found money”; there is no reason at all to worry about buyer’s remorse.  She and I know that no matter whether we spend it or give it away, it makes no difference – it wasn’t in the budget in the first place.  We are dorks.


What would you do with it?


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