Whirl Plates! Whirl!

December 14, 2006 at 10:48 pm 7 comments

Things are happening fast and furiously around this joint!  Due to popular demand, tomorrow I will update you on my haunted nutcracker… the dog gone thing just insists on being a nuisance, I took nine pictures of him and none of them came out…maybe I should hold him in front of a mirror??

Regarding all of you that also dream in color:  When I was in the Air Force, that was one of the questions on the psychological tests they made us take, whether you dreamed in color or black and white.  In my flight of sixty, I was the only one who dreamed in color.  I was also the only creative one in that batch of 60 girls.  Judging from the response I got here from a bunch of writers… I think it must be an off shoot of being left (or is it right?) brained.  Who knew?

Here in my little town we’ve had a conundrum.  Ohio is an anti-gambling state with the exception of the lottery, scratch offs and what is commonly known as the Chuck E. Cheese law.  A ridiculous piece of legislation written to cover the fact that the Chuck E. Cheese pizza places have had “games of chance” forever and some whahoo decided that was gambling.  CEC is a kids place, human sized habitrails, skee ball, and grown adults walking around in animal costumes.  Anyway…. they pass this law allowing “skill games” to cover CEC.  Of course it didn’t stop there, other people looking to make a buck used this law to open game parlours all over the place using those game machines that spit out tickets when you win which they trade for prizes or cashiers checks (which is supposedly less like gambling than just giving them cash- jeesh).  At first, we just had one of these places open up on Main Street.  Then the City next door abolished them and took the issue to court. So they all moved to my little town.  There are a number of reasons this bugs me.  The first being they’re taking up space that could be occupied by a business with actual employees so the town would get some tax money off the endeavor.  The second is they’re fleecing our elderly citizens who go there for an opportunity to socialize that they don’t have outside of church.  In opposition to these game parlours is the Apostolic Church.  They’ve opened up business on Main Street too and painted a mural of hell on the front window, complete with a lake of fire full of screaming people.  They may have stopped short of putting fistfulls of tickets in these burning sinners hands, but they do have all of them facing the game parlour next door.  What’s not to love about small towns?

Distressing news that has a happy ending regarding the two oldest grandgirls.  Since their Dad moved them out of his father’s house and into his mother’s house with a flock of other people, their grades have dropped and the court has denied his application for shared parenting.  Since Tiffany is not yet settled in her own house and its the middle of a school year, they will be coming to live with me.  The girls are excited, they like staying with Pap and me.  They have their own room, their own toy closet and their own shelves of books and games in the library.  Pap has been teaching Jazz to cook, which they both love and Bri writes with me.  It will be fun and help them get back on track before they have to move again with their mother. 

Down to the last few presents to wrap up Christmas Shopping, how’s everyone else doing?


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Six Weird Things This Feels Like Me

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  • 1. therevdrkate  |  December 14, 2006 at 11:23 pm

    I am so glad your grandgirls will be coming to you and are away from their father’s crazy from the sound of it life style. What a fun time to look forward to!

  • 2. LauraJ  |  December 14, 2006 at 11:27 pm

    Well that is a weird law if I ever heard one. I’m not much of a gambler myself having witnessed my mother feed the machine hundreds of dollars at a time several days a week. I didn’t like it one bit and vowed never to be like her in more ways than one. I do play on occasion but nothing like she did. I know when to quit.

    What exciting news that they girls will be staying with you! I bet they love it there and will just thrive with you and Pap.

    As for how far am I done for Christmas can we say ummm 25%. You wanna come over and wrap? I dislike wrapping VERY much. I always wrap on the 23rd the night that A goes to stay with his dad overnight.

  • 3. Quilldancer  |  December 15, 2006 at 4:42 am

    Kat — I was whirling plates in the emergency room last night. Today I have been cooling my jets.

  • 4. Hammer  |  December 15, 2006 at 10:52 am

    Vampire nutcracker. I can’t wait!

  • 5. katcampbell  |  December 15, 2006 at 3:11 pm

    Me too Dr. Kate. It will be a load off my mind.

    Laura – Sure I’ll come wrap presents for you! I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to UNWRAP them though.

    Quilly – I saw that! Harrowing, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

    Hammer – I may be sending him to you if develops any more supernatural powers.

  • 6. Shelli  |  December 15, 2006 at 9:43 pm

    I got a ton of crap to do. This is how I avoid it. LOL

    Maybe the girls will stay with you. I hope so for them.

  • 7. Gela the city dweller  |  December 18, 2006 at 1:08 am

    Yeah, for you, yeah for the two eldest grandgirls (gosh I love that term. Grandgirls!). Before reading this post, I thought, jeez you sound so much like a fun mother and grandmother.

    That’s nice. Judging from your writing skills alone, they should be more than up to scratch in that department with your help.

    Well, I’ve already bought gifts for two of my ‘children’ (god-daughters, official and unofficial) still trying to decide on something for 7 yo boy, will have to wait until I get to Florida next Friday to get Mom’s gift.

    I guess it’s going well, but the traffic/parking here in Jamaica is just killing me! Why doesn’t everyone else do their shopping earlier and leave the malls to me in December? Sheesh!


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