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Wasted Days and Wasted…well days

Where did my Saturday go?  One minute I was just gonna take a little nap, the next it’s dark and silent and I’m all alone.  That’s a lie, I wasn’t alone.  Princess was here but asleep on the couch.  In case anybody is interested:  Never wait up for your children out on a date once they turn 26.   They are aware that they don’t have curfews any more, and they will take advantage of that fact. 

The children’s book I’m ghost writing is half way done.  We had a team meeting yesterday and the artist handed me copies of the first three chapter’s illustrations.  What a rush, what an eye opener!  She’s working only from what I write with no other input so when I haven’t been clear enough or descriptive enough, it shows up in the illustrations.  Out of the six scenes she chose to draw, only one didn’t match the vision in my head.  It gave me chills.  And clearly pointed out a flaw in Chapter three that must be corrected in edit. 

Worrisome news from my son.  Since he’s a senior in college and will lose his health insurance after graduation in May, Pap made him go get a complete physical in case there was a lag between graduation and then finding a job with insurance.  Most of the results came back great, his cholesterol is low, no diabetes, healthy heart …exactly what you’d expect from a physical on a 21 year old.  But the blood tests did reveal some irregularities with his liver.  He’s been reassured that no matter how much beer he’s drank since he started college the brew could not be the culprit, but the doctor is concerned about hepatitus or a fatty liver. 

The good news about having a bad medical report is that suddenly your parents and sisters don’t look like such evil, inconsiderate creatures after all.  I’ve heard more about what he does and who he hangs out with at school in the last three weeks than I have in all four years he’s been away.  Kids!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m down to 421 days to freedom.  You should probably begin planning the party to celebrate my withdrawal from the accounting rat race now.  Just a suggestion. 

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