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When Good Kids Go Funny

Briauna’s cousin Aubree gave her a book of knock-knock jokes.  She gave Jazzmin a whoopie cushion.  As evidenced by these gifts, my step-grandgirl Aubree must hate  my guts.  They are 7 and 9.  At that age these things are the funniest thing in the universe.  The wicked child gave these gifts to my wards on the busiest week of my life ever.  I have book, publishing, accounting and tax deadlines looming.  Two birthdays and one baby shower to throw.  Four dozen cupcakes to bake for Valentine’s day.  All of which is being regularly interupted by the honk of the woopie cushion and “orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”  Which is immediately followed by fifteen minutes of hysterical laughter by these two little girls.   The farting noise and stupid jokes don’t make me laugh, but the girls reaction to them busts me up completely.   I’m frequently accused of having a weird sense of humour.  Considering that comment usually comes from someone who’s comedy I don’t find funny, I don’t worry about it. 

The things that make me double over and cry with laughter are usually the everyday comedic moments that happen to everyone.   Erma Bombeck, Paula Poundstone, Josh Blue…these people make me laugh.  Many of you recounting your trials and tribulations with animals, kids and household appliances just crack me up completely.  My oldest daughter had this uncanny ability  as a kid to imitate just about anyone, capturing whatever weird quirkiness in expression or turn of phrase her victim had.  She got herself out of oodles of trouble by explaining her bad behavior in the voice of our preacher or one of the teachers at school.  My husband was not amused by this, but I’d be running from the room laughing. 

What makes you laugh? 

Opposum update:  The mangy little beast hung out on the top step of the basement (on the other side of the blocked door) for a day.  We could hear him scratching…ugh.  Pap’s bright idea was to close off all the doors to the laundry room and leave a trail of food from the basement to the back door.  This was obviously a stupid idea.  Luckily, Princess is a cute girl with many buff boyfriends.  She fetched one.   He bravely captured the Opposum and took it away in his truck.  Then he put screens on those vents that are necessary to a basement and blew this foam stuff into the cracks in the block.  I would like her to marry this one, and live in my house, forever. 

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