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The World Spins On

A new baby this week!  The Prof. squared had their little girl in a whirlwind of drama complicated by toxemia.  Mother and baby are both back to normal and doing fine.  Ayla Richelle is my fifth grandgirl…hmmm…cosmic message that certain family lines are ready to go the way of dinosaurs?  I have this uncontrollable urge to gather my four daughters and five granddaughters for a picture with my lone son right in the middle of that huddle. 

March 23, 2007 at 3:54 pm 30 comments

Ya Got To Have Friends

Thank you, everybody for your support, kind words, thoughts and prayers.  Today is a new day after a hideous emotional weekend of crazy negotiating with the mad man who fathered my children.  My 3d friends are ,of course, with me during the day.  But at night, in my silent house, when I need the support of friends the most…there you all are.  Thank you so much.  If you ever doubt the value of blogging, remember that you just don’t know whose weary soul you might be lifting from your posts and your comments. 

March 19, 2007 at 7:59 pm 25 comments

If Leaving Me is Easy

You see, I’d heard the rumours, I knew before you let me know
But I didn’t believe it, not you,
No you would not let me go
Seems I was wrong, but I love, I love you the same
And that’s the one thing that you can’t take away but just remember…
If leaving me is easy,
Then coming back is harder…

 An old Phil Collins song I thought would never relate to my life.  When I’m wrong, I’m very wrong.  The week that was supposed to be spent editing and writing, was used instead to search for apartments.  To wander this old house trying to decide what will fit the new place and what won’t.  What I need, what is his, what is mine…I’m tired and I can’t cry.  It seems like there should  be a river of tears when two people who’ve spent a quarter of  a century together split up.  The sun should stop shining, the earth should…just….stop….spinning. 

I’d like to run cross country to my parents house.  Lay down in the guest room and let sister-mom take care of  me for awhile.  Shuffle around the house like a little old woman.  Spend afternoons walking the beach.  But there are many who depend on me.  There is much to be packed, stored, sold, given away.  There’s still a day job to go to, a book to finish, a new baby on the way.  I’m tired.  I wish I could cry. 

March 17, 2007 at 5:33 pm 26 comments

The Over Scheduled Life

An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing.
A small rabbit saw The eagle and asked him, “Can I also sit like you and do nothing?” 
The eagle answered: “Sure, why not.” 
So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and
rested. All of a Sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it. 
Moral of the story: To be sitting and doing nothing,
you must be sitting Very, very high up

Since I am not yet sitting very, very high up, I have to take a week off from blogging to finish editing THE BOOK, and catch up on the housekeeping.  The dust bunnies are beginning to grow teeth.  While I’m gone, check out this site by my friend Dale, very funny. 

Have a great week every body!

March 10, 2007 at 9:51 pm 17 comments

The New Kid

My first clue that there was something on Jazzmin’s mind yesterday was when she slammed the door on the car hard enough to rattle my teeth.  When I asked “what’s wrong?” and she said “NOTHING!”…I left it alone.  She may be little, but she’s very tough.

She went about her homework and chores silently, very unusual for her.  At dinner, she turned to me and said “How was your day at work Nana?”  That was my signal that she was ready to talk.  Jazz is 9, she couldn’t care less what happens at my work.  I answered it was fine and then asked how school was.  In her hautiest, most stuffy and disapproving voice, she informed me that they got a new girl in their class.

JAZZ:  This girl came to class wearing LIP GLOSS, and a BRA!

ME:  She did NOT! A bra? In third grade? 

JAZZ: Not only that, she doesn’t even know her 4’s,we’re on 9’s, she’ll never catch up. She had 3 pony tails in her hair and black boots with a pink skirt. 

ME: But I like black with pink.

JAZZ:  In rooms, maybe, but ruffles and those biker boots did not look good. 

PAP:  Its really hard to move in the middle of the year like this, maybe she needs a friend.

JAZZ:  This girl squirted soap on her hands from every pump in the bathroom and then ran up and down the sinks to rinse.  She didn’t even SCRUB! 

Secretly, I’m thinking, gee Jazz just got the kid I’m always writing positively about in my books.  The unconventional kid, the fun kid I thought they’d aspire to….

Jazz:  Then, you know what Nana?  She talked back to the teacher {insert Jazz’s imitation of her teacher} and was REALLY mean to Abby.

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.  Jazz thinks her teacher walks on water, and Abby has Downs Syndrom, there is no reason, ever, to be mean to Abby- she’s like sunshine in a jumper. 

ME:  Well, she was probably really nervous, and nobody’s told her it isn’t polite to talk back.  What did you do? 

JAZZ:  I told her to get in her chair and shut up before I punched her lights out.

Relief.  Yes, it may have been a violent response, but atleast I’m not turning her into an insufferable prig.   

March 7, 2007 at 8:42 pm 25 comments

Small Towns

The toilet was leaking in our only bathroom.  I made casual mention of this to the clerk when I was paying for my gas.  She called her cousin, who ran out to “the holla” and by the time I got home from work the local handy guy was in my driveway asking where the bathroom was.  I love small towns. 

March 6, 2007 at 7:49 am 18 comments

Divas and Other Energy Sucking Folk

This was a chaotic week, fraught with emotion. From joy (I finished the book) to worry (teacher daughter has been placed on bedrest because of potential toxemia) to anger that has now simmered down into disgust. 

We have an author who wants to be a bestselling author.  What writer does’nt?  But getting there requires not just a good book, but hard work and to be honest, luck.  Mine is a tiny publishing company that doesn’t put on airs.  We don’t have money for ads in the New York Times, author advances, elaborate book tours, or hundreds of advance  reading copies.  We are right up front about these things with all of our authors.  Its spelled out clearly in the contract that they sign.  We exist at all because the big houses are so flooded with manuscripts that Hemingway wouldn’t get noticed in this day and time except through pure luck.  Our role is to provide a finished book to good first time authors, do what we can to get it noticed by the experts in the industry and sold as well as we can.  Our purpse is to provide good first time authors with a publishing credit that they can parlay into getting their next book noticed by someone bigger than us.  This is all clearly explained to our authors before they sign a contact.  All of them get it…except the Diva. 

The Diva writes the most heinous, venamous letters full of blarney you’ve ever seen.  Then she’ll end them with “any reply to this letter should be sent to the attention of my husband.”  Makes my teeth hurt dealing with the girl nowdays.  But I have learned a few things from our prima dona, what not to do after you’ve landed a publishing contract:

1.  Make sure that you find your editor’s suggestions for your manuscript “funny” and don’t make any attempt to take them.

2.  Ask for things that your publisher never offered and has no intention of providing.  When they don’t comply publicly trash them.

3.  Expect your publisher to let you set the price of your book.  When they don’t comply see 2. above.

4.  Bury their e-mail boxes with ridiculous demands based on air and then refuse to read the answers pulled from your contract. 

5.  Turn down book signings arranged by your publisher within one mile of your location because they won’t pay for cab fare.

6.  Make sure you don’t spend one moment being thankful, not necessarily to your publisher, but to whatever higher being you recognize has helped you take that first step toward your dream. 

Those of you that dream of making a living as a writer, remember to enjoy the journey.  Be realistic, read your contract, and know that with the exception of those authors who have multiple bestsellers or land one of those million dollar contracts, most authors have to work very hard right along with their publisher to get the book sold. 

March 5, 2007 at 4:50 am 16 comments

The free-lance writer is the person who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps. (Robert Benchley)

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