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Documenting Today

the-jetsons2I don’t know why, but the thought of those old time capsules we used to make in grade school popped into my head this morning. Did you do that when you were a kid? Some kind of box or cylinder, everyone would put something in it that they felt best represented the times we were in, and then somebody buried it with instructions to dig it up sometime in the far future. When I was back there sticking my Bobby Sherman poster in the cylinder, we imagined 2009 would look like what we saw on the Jetsons.  I’m really bummed that I don’t have a Rosie cleaning this place up and cooking for me so I can go about my business.

I don’t remember when I started keeping lists, but I suspect the first one was made with stick figures in crayon.  Without a list, I tend to just wander through my day piddling at this and putzing around with that.  So I have lists, calendars, day planners and random notes of things I might have done that weren’t already on the list.  Now what, you may be saying, does any of this have to do with the first paragraph of this post talking about time capsules?  I can’t throw any of these lists away. 

Eventually I’m going to die of old age, which means there may be boxes of these weird lists and notes among the serious paperwork everyone leaves behind, especially if they’re a writer.  I’m trying to imagine what future listsgenerations will make of this mess.  For instance, last week’s list includes various things I needed to do at home, for the paper, for my writing group, the arts council, and the theater.  Scribbled all around are notes like “make octopus”, “work on Living Live!”, “jungian plot—what does that mean???”, “check dog’s poop”…. it makes perfect sense today, but I’m not sure even I will know what that means a few years from now.

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