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Mirror, Mirror

I have never been one of those girls who spent a lot of time in front of a mirror. “Pretty” wasn’t a big deal growing up, “smart” or “athletic” was. Before I retired I spent only enough time in front of the mirror to make sure there was no lipstick on my teeth, my skirt wasn’t tucked into my underware and my hair was tamed as much as seasonably possible. I can’t remember the last time I actually looked in the mirror without focusing on just one specific part of my body.

Today I stepped out of the shower (sorry about that visual) and came face to face with me by accident. Holy cow! That was scary. When did I get so old? The internal me is still about 24. She is the face that I wear in my head all day. How shocking to see my mother looking back at me.  Wait, no, that’s an insult to my mother who was a beautiful and well kept woman even when she was much older than me.  It’s no wonder people keep telling me I look tired!

I don’t really want to look 24 again if for no other reason than it would make me look silly next to Pap. But I can do better than this.  It’s time to quit fooling around.  I need to eat more vegetables and drink more water.  I need to step away from my sedentary hobbies and jump on that treadmill.  Overhaul my wardrobe, make a trip to the hairdresser.  Yeah, that’s exactly what needs to happen.

If none of that works…there’s always plastic surgery.


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Pat Robertson is one scary dude. Did you hear his statement that the people of Haiti brought this earthquake on themselves through a deal with the devil? Arrogant, self-righteous, mean spirited, cold hearted…I can’t think of enough adjectives to properly label this biggoted, ridiculous man. More shocking than the idiodic statements made routinely by Pat Robertson, is the christian broadcasting company that continues to let his venom spill across the airwaves.

I have to agree with those who’ve been saying that since he knows so much about this “deal with the devil”, HE must be the devil.

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Beware of Retirement

My punishment for retiring before I’m technically old enough to leave the work force is I’m lacking the aches, pain, lack of energy or desire to rest possessed by most people who give up the 9 to 5. As a result…I’m hopelessly over committed to all kinds of things that pay nothing because, well, I’m home. Pfffttt…

More interesting, at risk of this becoming a dog blog, is the status of our new kids, Walker and Iliana. She’s overcome her fear of anything outside a cage remarkably well and now that we’ve got her bulked up a little it was time for the long overdue dog grooming.

She’s the one in the pink halter collar. Walker, while well adjusted in most areas, is a big baby regarding getting his hair cut. He’ll spend the next four or five days pouting.

Iliana, on the other hand, regarded the whole adventure like a day at the spa.

Even though she did her best to jolly Walker out of his post haircut blues, our boy prefers his “surfer after an especially gnarly wave” look over this military version.

Men. Can’t live with ’em, can’t throw ’em into the snow and tease them out of pouting.

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The free-lance writer is the person who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps. (Robert Benchley)

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