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Greetings from Louisiana!

Today my third oldest daughter graduated with her masters degree from the University of Phoenix.  Because the college has branches all over the place, she chose to walk in Baton Rouge, just one hour from my sister’s house. How sweet is that, to have her big day far from her classmates so that I could spend time with my sister?  I have great kids.  It was a crazy day, 850 graduates each of which had about 5 family members in attendance.  It took forever to get through everyone, but Pap and I sure are proud of her.

Since my last post Baby Preslie has begun to eat, but still weighs only 12 pounds at 6 months old.  She’s the cutest little Tinker Belle baby, big blue eyes, a pair of dimples.  The doctor is not worried about her lack of progress in the outward development stage.  She can roll from her back to her stomach and that is it.  Apparently, all her energy is dedicated to developing that digest system, lungs and other internal organs.  I don’t wish premature babies on anyone.  But as regards Pres…all is well.  She’s growing and thriving, just slowly.

Pap had a minor heart attack on Easter Sunday brought about because of a blocked artery.  He had new stints put in and is back in physical therapy.  That caused some havoc around the old homestead, so I still don’t have my business plan finished so I can go to the bank.  Grrr…I’m not mad at him, but sheesh, I’d just like to catch a break once in a while. I’m sure he would too.

Rehearsals for the “spring” play are now rehearsals for the “summer” play, because in addition to Pap’s set back (he plays Grover in this production) we lost our director, Alice.  Alice is one of those people that make the world a better place.  She is lovely, kind and has the greatest sense of humor.  Right now she has both a tumor and a lesion on her liver.  We’re so worried about her.  While she waits for test results and some kind of news on what the doctors are planning to do about this illness, she gets weaker and weaker.  Pray for her please.


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If I sew it, They will come

It is a little known fact that the plots for the scripts I write for the SEO Regional Theater are determined by what costumes or sets I feel like making.  I know, how self-indulgent!  This year’s play, which is scheduled to take the stage on December 3,4,& 5, 2010 is a western.  The Buzzard’s Gulch Christmas Caper is my self-indulgent nod to the late 18 early 1900’s wild west.  I wanted to make can-can girl dresses, frock coats and a little red silk number with a bustle.  Lucky for me, the rest of the Theater Guild is happy to go along with the program.  I love this play, it has just about everything, comedy, tragedy, a mysterious stranger, a love story.

While I was away, my youngest daughter got married and had a baby (you know you’ve been gone too long when you can fit all that in!)  Eventually I’ll post pictures.  I would have done it today except there are no pictures on this computer.  They’re stored on my other computer..which has decided to crash just for the fun of it.  Or…they could be on the portable hard drive that is located in one of my purses.  If I really think about it, the pictures might be on that CD I found under the desk…I really have to get organized.

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